Rectors together with the Minister of Education start the 2015 Admission Process

At the Isaura Dinator educational establishment in Santiago, the authorities supervised the start of a new University Selection Test.

With the presence of the Vice President of the Council of Rectors, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, the Rector of the University of Chile, Ennio Vivaldi and the Minister of Education, Nicolás Eyzaguirre, the 2015 Admission Process began at the Isaura Dinator municipal high school in Santiago .

The authorities were accompanied by the Academic Vice-Rector of the University of Chile, Rosa Devés, the executive director of the Single Admission System, Angélica Bosch, and the director (s) of DEMRE, Sergio Carumán.

About registrants

A total of 283,019 students are registered to take the PSU®, about 12 thousand students more than in the 2014 Admission Process (271,558).
The regions with the highest number of registrants are the Metropolitan Region (112,185), the Bío - Bío Region (34,927) and the Valparaíso Region (31,902). Meanwhile, those with the fewest registrations are the Aysén Region (1,875), the Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctica (2,771) and the Arica and Parinacota Region (4,004).

Of the total, there are 27 thousand young people who will take the PSU again and who will recover the score they obtained in the previous admission process (they will have two scores to apply to universities), an option they have had since 2013.

Of all the young people who will take the PSU, 197,263 belong to the humanistic scientific educational branch and 83,247 are students of professional technical establishments. Most belong to subsidized private schools (149,298), followed by students from municipal schools (103,535) and finally young people from paid private schools (27,677).

Most of the students taking the PSU® this year are women (148,854), outnumbering the men who will take the exam by 14,000.
On the other hand, 13 people are 70 years or older. The two oldest people who take the PSU are 78 years old and the youngest people who will take the test are 15 years old (three in total).

Venues and places of surrender

For this 2015 Admission Process, 578 application sites and 63 prisons were set up in 170 surrender sites throughout the country. Of these, those with the most registrations are Puente Alto (10,223), Maipú (9,862), Temuco (8,187), La Florida (7,799) and Concepción (7,001). On the other hand, the venues with the fewest registrations are those of Juan Fernández (7), Puerto Williams (20), Ayacara (22), Chaitén (23) and Cisnes (29).

On the other hand, a total of 1,880 people who are today in prisons will take the exam. The largest number of registered is held by the prisons of Colina (363), Valparaíso (247), Valdivia (117) and La Serena (103).

The personnel that will participate in the application of the PSU® are 22,189, including delegates, room managers, technical coordinators, IT managers, room coordinators, examiners and assistants.