Canadian and Latin American Rectors and Vice-Rectors, through the EMULIES Space, meet in Ottawa, Canada.

Given the interest of Canadian universities in strengthening cooperation in higher studies and research with Latin American countries, a work agenda was carried out that includes the meeting with Canadian and Latin American rectors, vice-rectors and university authorities to exchange and make agreements of collaboration on the subject of doctoral training and student mobility, as well as the meeting with representatives of the Canadian Office for the Internationalization of Education - CBIE for its acronym in English, in order to discuss the academic collaboration and the internationalization of Higher education institutions led by women and how these collaborative spaces consolidate gender equality in higher education.

In this context, the Canadian and Latin American rectors and vice-rectors, through the Space for Women Leaders of Higher Education Institutions of the Americas (EMULIES) held a meeting on Doctoral Training and Student Mobility in a Framework of Academic Collaboration ”, in November of 2014 in the city of Ottawa, Canada. 

EMULIES is an initiative promoted by the Inter-American University Organization (OUI) and its College of the Americas Program (COLAM) that stimulates academic exchange in support of the development of capacities for university management and the collaboration of women leaders of Higher Education Institutions of the Americas.

The Doctoral Mission brought together a select group of senior university leaders from Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica with their Canadian counterparts in a dynamic that facilitated the establishment of concrete collaboration mechanisms that allow greater exchange between participating universities in Latin America and Canada. . Likewise, this meeting allowed a first-hand knowledge of the key factors for interuniversity cooperation with Canada.

In addition to this meeting, within the framework of the 48th Canadian Annual Congress on the Internationalization of Education, the Forum “The Space for Women Leaders from Higher Education Institutions in the Americas” was held, where Chile was represented by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Concepción, Dr. M. Jacqueline Sepúlveda C.