Universities of the Council of Rectors visit YACHAY

 Academic authorities from universities of the Council of Rectors - University of Chile, University of Antofagasta and University of Talca - were received by the Rector of Yachay, Fernando Albericio, sharing information on the progress and challenges of this new university in Ecuador. For Rector Albericio, the YACHAY project is a unique project in Latin America and represents a space of attraction and innovation in academic development that will have an important impact on the quality of life of the local, national and regional community. For him, Chilean universities represent a group of special interest to build collaboration and exchange networks, considering the quality of scientific work in Chile.

 Yachay is a research, innovation and internationalization university and constitutes one of the most important and strategic projects in Ecuador. Its launch this year will allow promoting scientific research, the generation and dissemination of knowledge based on basic and applied research, development of human talent and the generation of national and international knowledge networks.

The visit to Yachay generated great interest among the CRUCH group and ideas were shared to open an academic collaboration between Chilean universities and this new and innovative Ecuadorian university. 

The visit program was coordinated by María Francisca Bustamante from SENESCYT within the framework of the exchange sessions held with the Council of Rectors.