Public Declaration Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities before the educational reform

 The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCh) in its 60 years of experience, has been recognized as one of the main national references in the educational, scientific-technological and cultural fields, for its contribution to the generation of public policies that tend to improve education and society. 

Faced with the educational reform process that the supreme government has undertaken, this autonomous public body expresses its position in the following terms:

The Council of Rectors values the decision to introduce substantive changes to an educational system that shows high levels of inequality and segregation, characteristics that threaten the general quality of the system. It values that public policy assumes education as a social right guaranteed by the State, seeking to ensure quality, equitable and inclusive education. In a context of mixed provision of the educational service, it is necessary to strengthen a public education that has been manifestly reduced and weakened. In sum, CRUCH supports a reform aimed at educational quality, human development, social integration and the strengthening of a democratic system of coexistence.

In matters of Higher Education, the government's proposal, insofar as it contemplates improving public institutions -through a Subsecretariat, a Superintendency and a new Agency for the Evaluation and Certification of the Quality of Higher Education- constitutes, in the opinion of this Council, a necessary and urgent correction to the precarious current situation.

On the other hand, to remedy the existence of large unregulated spaces in higher education, it is essential to establish appropriate regulation that clearly establishes the rights and duties of the institutions, their authorities and their communities, and that provides a regulatory framework from which today the system is lacking. We fully agree on the need to define norms and control mechanisms that ensure compliance with the legal norm that prohibits profit.

These are the motivations of this Council to share the axes of the Educational Reform. We hope that, for the good of the country, the efforts made in this matter will culminate successfully. The Council of Rectors has vast experience that it makes available to the educational system reform process, thus making explicit its strong will and willingness to actively collaborate in this unavoidable national task.

Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities

September 2014