Universities announce definitive offer of careers and vacancies for the 2015 Admission Process

There are a total of 77,727 vacancies in the 33 universities of the Single Admission System. The official document "Payroll of Careers, Vacancies and Weightings" can be downloaded from: www.sua-cruch.cl and www.demre.cl.

A total of 77,727 vacancies and 1,423 careers will be offered in the 2015 Admission Process by the 25 universities of the Council of Rectors and the 8 private affiliated that make up the Single Admission System.

The official document “Payroll of Careers, Vacancies and Weightings” of the 2015 Admission Process, which expands on what was published in June, will be available from today in digital format on the website of the Single Admission System of the Council of Rectors and also in the DEMRE (Department of Evaluation, Measurement and Educational Registry of the University of Chile).

Registered for the PSU

A total of 277,848 applicants registered to take the PSU ®. In the regular period (June 16 - August 1) 256,182 were enrolled. Meanwhile, in the extraordinary period (September 1 - 12) there were 21,666 registrants.

Of the total enrolled, 201,981 students correspond to this year's promotion and 75,867 are from previous promotions, 52.7% are women and 47.3% men.

By region, the percentages are as follows: Arica and Parinacota, 1.4%; Tarapacá, 1.8%; Antofagasta, 3%; Atacama, 1.4%; Coquimbo, 4.2%; Valparaíso, 11.3%; Metropolitan of Santiago, 39.7%; of the Liberator Bernardo O'Higgins, 5%; del Maule, 6%; del Bío-Bío, 12.3%; from La Araucanía, 5.4%; de Los Ríos, 2.4%; from Los Lagos, 4.4%; from Aysén, 0.7%; and from Magallanes, 1%.

Regarding educational dependency, 36.5% of those enrolled come from municipal establishments, 52.8% from subsidized individuals, 9.8% from paid individuals and 0.9% correspond to validation and recognition of studies. Meanwhile, if the educational branch is considered, 69.8% of those registered are from Scientific-Humanist establishments and 29.3% Technical Professional.

The aforementioned figures with respect to gender, region, educational dependency and educational branch, follow the trend of previous years.



Regarding the calendar, it should be remembered that the PSU ® surrender will be on December 1 and 2, while the results will be delivered on Sunday, December 21 at 8:00 in the morning. At 9:00 in the morning of that same day, the application stage begins, which will run until Wednesday, December 24 at 1:00 p.m. The results of the applications will be announced on Sunday, January 4 at 11:00 p.m. and the enrollment period will run between Monday, January 5 and Wednesday, January 7, 2015.  


Access to the document through following link.