Conicyt presents a report on scientometric indicators and highlights progress of Cruch universities

At the beginning of September, Conicyt presented the book “Main scientometric indicators of Chilean scientific activity 2012. 2014 Report: A look at 10 years”, prepared by the SCImago Research Group.

The report revealed the growth experienced by Chilean scientific production in Latin America, which went from contributing 7.7% in 2003 to 8.5% in 2012, maintaining fourth place in the region. However, it lost positions in the world ranking of scientific productivity, going from position 41 to 46, due to the accelerated growth of some emerging countries.

Regarding the indicators of the universities, the publication assures that between the two periods compared, the largest changes were qualitative, being appreciated in the indicators of impact and total and led excellence. It was also evidenced that some institutions went from a strategy based on quantity to another focused on quality. In this logic, the universities Federico Santa María and La Serena stood out

The report also indicates that the universities of Chile, Católica de Chile and Concepción, account for 54% of the country's total capacity to produce patents.

To review the detail of the report:

Source: Conicyt