Academic Vice-Rectors meet with Mineduc to analyze Higher Education Reform

The Academic Vice-Rectors of the universities of the Council of Rectors met with authorities of the Ministry of Education in order to understand the main advances in the design of the reforms to higher education and establish areas for the contribution of proposals from the CRUCH universities

On Wednesday, September 3, a meeting was held in Santiago between the Academic Vice-Rectors of CRUCH, from 23 universities throughout the country. The meeting was attended by Alvaro Cabrera, representative of the Division of Higher Education of the Mineduc, who made an extensive and detailed presentation of the main axes of the reform of Higher Education.

In the first part, he presented on the strategic objectives of the Reform, such as articulating and regulating a mixed system, with defined roles for different institutions, strengthening Public Education through State institutions; generate a robust quality assurance system: finance the institutions with accreditation conditions, agreed fees and the signing of a “public commitment agreement”. Then, the guidelines in the area of regulation, financing, quality assurance and access were explained.

After the presentation of the Division of Higher Education, the vice-chancellors thanked this instance of exchange and expressed various concerns about the implementation times of the changes, the articulation between the various transformation processes, priorities, instances of dialogue, among others. . At the same time, they expressed the need to include other relevant issues, such as the diversity of the higher education system, the equity that universities have been building, the situation of universities in the regions, among others. Finally, some questions were raised about the current processes (2014), of developing support programs for higher education, especially about the role of the MECE and CONICYT in these times of change.

The broad interest and willingness to dialogue of the Division of Higher Education generated proposals for the next day, in which the Academic Vice-Rectories of the CRUCH universities will make contributions to the debate on quality and equity in higher education. A date was agreed for this second meeting, to continue materializing a dialogue based on experiences, analyzes and proposals.