Joint Work Stay of the SCT-Chile of the CRUCH Universities

On September 4 and 5, the SCT-Chile Joint Work Stay was held, led by the University of Santiago de Chile and organized by the Coordinating Team of the SCT-Chile Network at the Hotel Plaza San Francisco in the city of Santiago

On this occasion, the Stay began with an opening day open to all Higher Education Institutions in the country, and whose main objective was to generate a space for discussion on the current state of the Transferable Credit System in Chile. The opening of the day was in charge of the Rector of the University of Santiago, Dr. Juan Manuel Zolezzi and also counted with the presence of Dr. Francisco Martínez Concha, Head of the Higher Education Division, and Dr. Fernanda Kri, Vice-Rector of the University of Santiago de Chile and Director of the USA 1301 Project.


The opening day had a wide call in which around 250 people participated, including Academic Vice-Rectors, Vice-Rectors for Research, Representatives of Private Universities, Professional Institutes and Technical Training Centers and the SCT-Chile Network made up of the Institutional Technical Managers of the SCT-Chile and SCT-Chile postgraduate managers from the universities belonging to the Council of Rectors (CRUCH).


For its part, during this working day, topics such as the definitions of the competences of a graduate of a postgraduate program, characteristics of an innovated postgraduate curriculum, and a review of the instruments for estimating students' academic load were discussed. graduate.