Rectors Zolezzi and Lavanchy meet with the Council of University Workers

Representatives of university workers met with members of the Executive Committee of Cruch to deliver a document with their proposals for higher education

A dozen representatives of the National Council of Workers of the Chilean Universities (Conatuch) met with the rectors Juan Manuel Zolezzi and Sergio Lavanchy, in dependencies of the Council of Rectors. At the meeting, the leaders delivered a document with their proposals for a higher education policy, where issues related to the reforms that are expected for the system are addressed.

The leaders - representatives of the universities of Concepción, Católica de Valparaíso, Chile, Católica Silva Henríquez, Central and Austral - presented their position regarding the reform, pointing out that they expect a greater contribution from the State to the institutions, as well as greater elements participation of the university estates and job stability for its members.

The rectors undertook to disseminate the CONATUCH document among the members of CRUCH. They also agreed with the workers' representatives in assessing the guidelines that are known to date regarding the reform of higher education and celebrating measures such as the bill that repeals the DFL 2 provisions that prohibited the participation of workers and students in institutions. higher education.