Cruch receives Minister Nicolás Eyzaguirre and defines participation in Mineduc dialogues

At the meeting, the minister engaged in a private conversation with the Council of Rectors, given its characteristics as an advisory body on higher education policies.

In its ordinary session in July, the Council of Rectors received a visit from the Minister of Education, Nicolás Eyzaguirre. At the meeting, the minister expressed the will of his portfolio to dialogue with the Council of Rectors and receive their proposals for the construction of the projects that will give life to the reform in higher education. Upon leaving the meeting, the minister said that he had "had some time to listen to opinions, listen to positions and I am very happy to have listened to them," alluding to the conversation he had with the rectors.

Subsequently, the Council of Rectors agreed to the formation of committees of rectors for the elaboration or systematization of what their proposals will be in the educational reform process. For this purpose, the Institutionality, Accreditation, Access and Financing commissions were formed.

On the other hand, the Council defined its active participation in the National Plan for Citizen Participation of the Ministry of Education; From the aforementioned commissions, the CRUCH representatives will appear at the dialogue tables convened by MINEDUC and which begin their work on July 28.

Finally, a group of 14 universities of the Council signed a collaboration agreement as part of the Interuniversity Network of Education and Interculturality, Riedi. This is a space where universities are articulated around the construction of education and interculturality.