Council of Rectors held June plenary session in Santiago

In Santiago the rectors of Cruch met for their ordinary session in June. At the meeting they addressed matters such as general education reform projects and possible methodologies to discuss the reform of higher education.

At the Las Acacias hotel in Santiago, the members of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities met for their plenary session. At the meeting, which was chaired by the Alternate Vice President, Sergio Lavanchy, the rector of the University of Chile, Ennio Vivaldi, was welcomed, while congratulating the rector Sergio Bravo, who was re-elected for a new term in command from the University of La Frontera.
Among the topics discussed, highlighted the presentation of the rector Jaime Espinosa, from the Umce, who spoke about the bills currently in congress, which put an end to shared financing, profit and selection in general education. The rectors discussed the importance of these changes in the educational system, while evaluating the various views that exist on the subject.

Regarding the changes that are expected in Higher Education for this year, the rectors asked the head of the Higher Education Division, Francisco Martínez, to have a forum for participation and discussion of the issues, before they become bills . In addition, they discussed the alternatives for addressing these issues within the Cruch.

In addition, the situation related to the operation and regulation of clinical fields was discussed, an issue that concerns a large part of the Cruch universities that teach careers in the Health area. The Council considered that this issue should be addressed by the authorities of the sector.