Vice-rectors for Research meet with state agencies to discuss science, technology and innovation.

The meeting was held in the Council Room of the Catholic University, attended by representatives of Corfo, the Ministry of Education, Conicyt and the Council for Innovation and Competitiveness.

About thirty vice-rectors and research and postgraduate directors attended the meeting "Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation", organized by the Council of Rectors and held in the Council Room of the central house of the Catholic University of Chile.

At the event, it was possible to talk about the country's challenges in these matters with prominent participants: Corfo's vice president, Eduardo Bitrán, the head of Mineduc's Higher Education Division, Francisco Martínez; the executive director of Conicyt, María Elena Boissier and Gonzalo Rivas, president of the National Council of Innovation for Competitiveness (CNIC).

The first speaker was Eduardo Bitrán, who spoke about the strategic areas for the country where universities have a lot to contribute in the formation of advanced human capital. He valued the space for dialogue generated by the universities and assured that "the modern university is one that is committed to development and to the country's problems."

Then it was the turn of Francisco Martínez, who spoke about the challenges of the Ministry of Education before the reform. Martínez reported on the creation of an Undersecretariat of Science and Technology, but emphasized that artistic creation and the contribution of the humanities cannot be left out. He also explained the Mineduc strategy for social participation before the reform: three instances will be created, a social participation table, a technical group and a group in charge of policies.

María Elena Boisier, for her part, gave an account of Conicyt's progress in setting up its Advisory Council, suspended since 1973. 17 people will participate in this council, including the Minister of Education and the Minister of Social Development, including the President and Vice President of Conicyt , the executive director, a pro-executive secretary, four representatives of the Presidency, three directors of Conicyt and four section presidents.

The day ended with the participation of Gonzalo Rivas, from CNIC, who first pointed out that this government will change the concept "Competitiveness" to "Development" in the name of the council, which would translate into a focus on linking the financing of science with the resolution of the great challenges of the country. He pointed out that among the challenges of his organization are to bring the scientific world closer to that of those who define the economic destiny of the country, in addition to producing a dialogue between the public sector and the institutions that develop knowledge. 

Review Presentation by Eduardo Bitrán, president of Corfo