Cruch participates in the annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Chile-California Council

With the participation of the ambassadors of Chile in Washington, Mr. Juan Gabriel Valdés, and of Washington in Chile, Mr. Michael A. Hammer, the third session of the Board of Directors of the Chile-California Council was held, held between May 22 and 23 in the city of San Francisco.

On this occasion, the President of the Council, Mr. Tu Jarvis, emphasized the importance of strengthening collaboration between public and private entities in Chile and California in order to face the challenges and synergies that bring them together from different angles. He stressed that the academic sector has the opportunity and the mission to play a key role in the development of networks and exchanges, taking advantage at this time of the significant number of Chilean students in California universities.

During the period, the Chile California Council defined a strategic plan, identifying its strengths and opportunities, in order to improve its procedures and results. For many, the design and experience of this binational council constitute a new model of action in international relations.

In terms of priorities, the Council of Rectors pointed out the relevance of strategically contributing to the directions of change in higher education systems and the opportunities for collaboration that are opened from these scenarios, and at the same time placing maximum efforts in order to to contribute from the academic, science and innovation fields in the diverse topics of the Chile California Council's agenda. This means addressing issues between Chilean universities and those in California, the exchange and debate on teacher training, the agenda for energy changes and new strategies in the formation of advanced human capital that consider criteria of equal opportunities.