New Zealand delegation seeks to generate exchanges with Cruch universities

Executive Director by Education New Zealand He visited the Council of Rectors and expressed his country's interest in establishing exchange strategies with Chilean institutions.

A delegation led by the Executive Director of Education New Zealand, Grant McPherson, along with the Americas Regional Director, Lisa Futschek. met on Friday, May 16, with the Executive Director of the Council of Rectors in order to express the interest of Education New Zeland for maintaining an exchange with Chilean universities.

On the occasion, various current issues on the Chilean higher education agenda and the opportunities of the New Zealand system to contribute with its successful experiences were analyzed, such as the design of the qualifications framework, quality assurance systems and strategies for the inclusion of Maori communities in university education.

Various topics are shared in the research agendas of both countries and, once again, an interest in establishing academic collaboration ties has been expressed.

As a result of this exchange, the Council of Rectors will seek to identify groups that maintain scientific work with peers in New Zealand. In the meantime, the authorities of Education New Zeland They will share these interests with the country's university associations in order to advance a communication agenda between CRUCH and the New Zealand schools.