Vice President of Cruch in Chamber session: Provisional Administrator Project is a "necessary and urgent" measure

In a special session to analyze the Provisional Administrator project, the rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi pointed out that "it is not possible to endorse the arbitrariness, illegality or poor quality of education on the basis of the autonomy of the houses of study."

The vice president of the Council of Rectors, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, attended the special session of the Chamber of Deputies for the Provisional Administrator project sent by the Executive last week. At the meeting, the rector gave an account of the opinion of Cruch regarding the initiative, which he valued positively for constituting a "necessary and urgent improvement" for the current institutional framework of the system.

The rector pointed out that this project “should be evaluated as a priority from the perspective of ensuring the exercise of the right to education for students and their family groups. It is perceived that the central purpose of the project is to ensure the continuity of the studies and, consequently, to avoid the obvious damages that the closure of their university career can generate on all levels for a student and their family as a result of serious non-compliance with the obligations of the institution in which they are educated ”.

To meet these objectives, he added that “it is necessary to strengthen the powers of the Ministry of Education to carry out investigations that allow timely identification of possible infractions and, if necessary, enable the appointment of a Provisional Administrator whose mission is to correct the problems and deficiencies that motivated his appointment, seeking the continuity of the educational service. That is to say, an intermediate mechanism is created that fills a gap in the legislation ”.

The rector also pointed out that, although he recognizes the duty of the State to safeguard the freedom of education and the autonomy of higher education institutions –values that have had the Council of Rectors as their strongest defender-, “it is not possible to endorse arbitrariness , the illegality or the poor quality of education on the basis of the autonomy of the houses of study ”.

He also expressed his opinion regarding the alleged unconstitutionality of the project: “Some of the most extreme critical voices of this project have affirmed that it would be unconstitutional; but it is evident that it cannot be argued that the bill is unconstitutional. The figure of the Provisional Administrator is not alien to the national legal system, since it is already recognized in Law 20,529 on the National System of Quality Assurance of Early Childhood, Basic and Middle Education and its Supervision ”.