Council of Rectors in the face of the situations that occurred in Valparaíso and in the regions of Arica and Tarapacá

The Council of Rectors, meeting in Valparaíso, agreed to express their solidarity and sensitivity with the inhabitants of the city of Valparaíso and the regions of Arica-Parinacota and Tarapacá hit by serious disasters and earthquakes of magnitude.

The Council wishes to acknowledge the generosity of all the volunteers who have come to the aid of the thousands of victims, many of whom are part of our university community.

The Council of Rectors expresses its willingness and willingness to contribute from its work in the field of knowledge to configure more appropriate public policies in the face of these emergencies. We make our professional and technical capacities available to both the authorities and the communities in the areas that are required.

We do not forget many members of our university community and their families, who, being in the affected territories, have suffered the consequences of the catastrophe. We also want to express our solidarity with the officials, academics and students who have been victims of these unfortunate events, who will continue to be supported by our institutions. It should be noted that the Ministry of Education has informed us that the affected students will receive a special scholarship, an initiative that we value positively as the Council of Rectors.