Andean Mobility: Interviews with the protagonists of the meeting organized by Cruch

This meeting on Regional Mobility for the Andean countries was held at the University of Valparaíso, which brought together university groups in the region and European experts.

Following are interviews with three of those attending the meeting, who expose the challenges of mobility in the Latin American region, as well as their expectations for future work. They are Elizabeth Colucci, from the European Universities Association; Nicolás Patrici, from the Alfa Puentes Ulises y Obreal project and Julio Theiler, from the Montevideo group.

See the interview with Elizabeth Colucci, European Association Universities, USA

See the Interview with Julio Theiler, Montevideo Group

See the Interview with Nicolás Patrici, Ulises project coordinator (OBREAL) and Universitat de Barcelona: