Public statement before the statements of the deputy Gustavo Hasbún

In response to the regrettable statements made by the honorable deputy Gustavo Hasbún on February 27 of this year, it is essential for us to express our deepest rejection of the recurrent practice of gratuitously insulting and unfounded the honor of people and in this case, of a university authority still in exercise.

The Rector, Mr. Emilio Rodríguez Ponce, is a top-level academic and researcher, committed to public education, the development of the University of Tarapacá and its Region, and has previously also provided services to the country in a professional and impeccable manner. At a time when Chile is expectant about possible reforms that may finally mean progress towards an integral development as a society, unfounded statements such as those of Deputy Hasbún, not only come to muddy the impeccable trajectory of a university authority and future regional authority , but also contribute to further thin the air that surrounds the national political scene.

As the Council of Rectors, we call on us to respect each other in differences and to build the future on the basis of good repute, avoiding giving room to ill-intentioned and baseless statements that only seek to muddy people's reputations. We believe that statements such as those of Deputy Hasbún cannot be just another anecdote that appeared in the newspaper but should be condemned by the community as a whole and evaluated and sanctioned, as we deem appropriate, by the corresponding audit or ethical authorities.

Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities