Council of Rectors in Arica: Rectors will ask for more information on the Reference Tariff formula

In its plenary session, held in Arica, the Council of Rectors unanimously decided to reject the new formula for calculating the Reference Tariff promoted by the Mineduc and to request information on its application through the Transparency Law

The Council of Rectors met in plenary session in Arica, a meeting organized by the University of Tarapacá. At the meeting, the rectors unanimously rejected the decision of the Ministry of Education to change the calculation formula of the Reference Tariff, to incorporate factors of employability and remuneration of its graduates.
The vice president of the Council of Rectors, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, pointed out that this rejection is due to the fact that "there is an incorporation of market-type variables and that it is not consistent with what we are looking for in higher education training.
He also pointed out that Cruch will ask the ministry, through the Transparency Law, for data on how the tariff has been calculated since its creation. After that, it is expected to ask the Comptroller's Office for an audit of how this system has worked so far.
In another area, Cruch confirmed that for next year there will be no modifications to the formula for the Ranking of Notes and that for the first half of 2014 it is expected to have a more in-depth study about the effects of this measure.