More than 95 thousand young people were selected in a career in this Admission Process 2014

In total, the system registered that 119,161 young people applied for a career in this 2014 Admission Process, of which 95,568 were selected in one of their preferences. Regarding the Ranking, a 70% of the applicants from municipal establishments received a bonus

The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, in conjunction with the Admission System and DEMRE, announced the result of the application and selection stage for the 2014 Admission Process. Compulsory tests (Mathematics and Language and Communication), 119,161 students participated in the application process, with at least one valid application. Of them, 95,568 were selected in one of their preferences. Of the total number of applicants, 7,065 used the option to recover the score from the previous period.

As reported by Demre, today at 8:30 am the transfer of databases to the universities began, so at noon, the universities will be able to publish the list of summoned from their own careers, and at eleven at night, All the results of the selection process will be published.

The vice president of Cruch, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, pointed out that "this year we have introduced several improvements to the process, including modernization of the technological supports, which has allowed it to develop without difficulties." In addition, he reminded students that the enrollment stage, which begins tomorrow, will run until January 22, as well as the withdrawal period, that is, the right to renounce a previous enrollment.

Of those who are able to enroll in one of the 25 Cruch universities or the eight private universities attached to the system, a 26% graduated from a municipal establishment, a 53% from a subsidized private establishment and a 21% from a paid private establishment.

Effect of Grade Ranking

The Single Admission System reported, regarding the bonus for Grade Ranking, that 70% of applicants from municipal establishments receive a ranking bonus, the same as 64% of students from subsidized private establishments, while for students from private paid establishments, a 56% is in this situation. Comparisons with previous years indicate that, in 2013, at least 5% of applicants benefited, either by entering a higher-preferred career or having the option of being selected only thanks to the Ranking score. If compared with 2012, a year in which the Ranking of Notes did not exist, this number of beneficiaries is 8%. "This tells us that the Ranking is a good measure," rector Zolezzi commented.