Carolina Foundation opens a new call for PhD scholarships

Until April 10, 2014, the Carolina Foundation opened a new call for doctoral scholarships and postdoctoral short stays, as part of the agreement signed with the Council of Rectors.

The Carolina Foundation opened its 2014-2015 call to apply to one of the 41 universities that offer places for doctoral scholarships and short postdoctoral stays, within the framework of the agreement established between the Council of Rectors and said organization.
For this year, 25 new doctoral scholarships and 25 short postdoctoral stays will be announced among all the candidates that the organizations, institutions and universities present based on the cooperation agreements signed bilaterally.
The deadline for submitting candidates for doctoral and short-term research fellowships ends Thursday, April 10, 2014.
The doctoral scholarship lasts for 21 months. Candidates must be in possession of a master's degree that admits their access to a doctorate in the country where the degree was issued. Said candidates may apply to any of the Spanish institutions that have an agreement with Fundación Carolina.
These doctoral scholarships that are part of the agreement signed by Cruch, are added to the regular offer that Fundación Carolina offers to the general public and whose call is also open.
 Bases of the call:
The bases of the call are published in this link:
Contact details for candidates:
The email for candidates to request information that they cannot find on the website is:
For doctoral scholarships: Mail
For Short Stay scholarships: Mail