Liceo de San Bernardo: Language Test will be corrected without discount for incorrect questions

The technical analyzes verified that indeed the students received and answered the test with the instruction that the wrong questions would not be penalized. The omission rate of the 439 affected was significantly lower. The vice president of Cruch, Juan Manuel Zolezzi pointed out that "we are offering the most technically appropriate measure so that these students are on an equal footing with the rest of those who took the test."

The Single Admission System of the Council of Rectors in conjunction with Demre delivered, during this morning, a response to the 439 affected by a problem in the delivery of instructions during the Language and Communication test. This will consist of correcting the test without considering the discount for incorrect questions.
The decision responds to the fact that it was found that the skip rate among these students was significantly lower, so it could be shown that they received and followed the wrong instruction. To reach this conclusion, these young people were compared with the historical scores of the commune and the surrender site, as well as with the results of a group of students from two rooms of the same establishment, who did not receive the wrong instruction.
The vice president of the Council of Rectors, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, pointed out that "this measure is the most suitable technically for these students to remain on an equal footing with the rest of those who took the test."
With this decision, rector Zolezzi pointed out, the test correction process follows its normal course and this group of young people will receive their score on the same date and conditions as their peers.
"I want to highlight the prompt response that the Demre and Admission System teams had, this allowed us to deliver a technically adequate and timely solution to those affected," said the rector.
Attached is the letter sent to the students this morning.
Dear applicants:


In response to the situation that occurred during the test application process at its surrender location (Isabel Riquelme School, San Bernardo) it is reported that:


Based on the technical analysis of the situation of the PSU Language and Communication test in your room, DEMRE and the Admission System of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, have determined that your test will be reviewed considering the instructions that you received the day of the surrender, that is, there would be no discount for the wrong questions in the calculation of the score.


Therefore, your score on the PSU Language and Communication test will be calculated only considering the correct answers without discount of wrong answers.


PSU test scores will be published for all applicants nationwide on Saturday, December 28 at 08:00 on the DEMRE website.


Best regards,


Educational Evaluation, Measurement and Registration Department