Technicians of the Admission System and Demre study alternatives for high school students of San Bernardo

The decision will be communicated to the affected students on Friday, confirmed the executive director of the Single Admission System, María Elena González.

The executive director of the Unified System of Admission to Universities, María Elena González, reported that a team of professionals from the Admission System and Demre are working on technical evaluations to determine the best solution for students in a local surrender of the PSU in San Bernardo. It is about 439 students who took the Language test under the wrong instructions. These young people, due to an error by the managers of the premises, were told that this year the wrong questions would not be discounted.
The principal pointed out that a first measure, which has already been taken, was to anticipate the correction of the Language tests for this group of students, in order to be able to see in particular the magnitude of the problem. In addition, the delivery of a response to the applicants was promised on Friday, who will be informed of the measure that will be taken in their case.
"The idea is that the students go calmly to celebrate the end of the year parties, knowing how this matter is going to be dealt with," said the person in charge of the Admission System. In addition, he attributed this situation to "the imponderables that occur, because this is a process where many people intervene and it is a human factor." "We try to control as much as possible, to train the people who serve the students as well as possible, but unfortunately not all factors can be controlled."
The solutions that are considered range from calculating the Language score of these young people with a different formula to repeating the test, this being the most extreme option. In any case, González pointed out that the decision has not yet been made.
“We are doing all the studies, this will be a strictly technical decision that will look for the best alternative solution. That is why there is a psychometric team from Demre and the Admission System study unit working on the analysis of possible solutions ”.