Council of Rectors concludes successful visit to Colombian higher education institutions

With the participation of the postgraduate directorates of eleven universities of the Council of Rectors, the mission to the universities of Colombia was successfully carried out, which had the purpose of disseminating the offer of doctorates and knowing the policies and mechanisms of said country in training and financing of postgraduate scholarships abroad.

The program was developed with the collaboration of PROCHILE and AGCI, thus allowing coordination with the Chilean Embassy in Bogotá and with the offer of scholarship programs promoted by the Pacific Alliance.

The intense program carried out between November 12 and 13 in Bogotá allowed us to have work and exchange sessions with the Universidad de Los Andes, the Universidad Javeriana and the Universidad de la Salle. In each meeting, ties were strengthened, expectations were gathered and the potentialities for reciprocity in postgraduate training and research development among our universities were recognized.

At the same time, meetings were held with the main public and private entities that implement programs to support postgraduate development and its internationalization, such as COLCIENCIA, ICETEX and COLFUTURO. Through dialogue with each of these institutions, it was possible to understand the Colombian system, identify its contributions and strengths, but especially to establish exchange channels that facilitate academic collaboration in the near future.

Between November 14 and 15, the Chilean delegation actively participated in the LACHEC Conference, held in Barranquilla, a meeting point on the internationalization of higher education. In this event, exchange meetings were held with the National University of Colombia, the University of Los Llanos, the University of the Atlantic, the University of Antioquia, among others, in order to disseminate the programs of the CRUCH universities and collect topics of mutual interest aimed at strengthening collaboration in doctoral training.

After these exchange sessions, the Chilean delegation positively valued the experience and recognized the need to maintain a permanent link with Colombian universities, an issue that will enrich the development of the internationalization of postgraduate and research studies, but at the same time strategically positions the Council of Rectors in Latin America. The CRUCH Graduate Commission will follow up on agreements that allow the dialogues and intentions expressed in this mission to Colombia to be materialized.