Council of Rectors and REUNA partner to strengthen collaboration among their members

The agreement contemplates the commitment to promote and facilitate the articulation and cooperation between both entities. Of the 25 universities belonging to Cruch, 19 are part of the REUNA Corporation.

With a view to establishing a new space for discussion, cooperation and linkage in higher education, the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (Cruch) and the National University Network (REUNA) signed a joint work agreement.
The signing of the document was made official this November 11, in a ceremony held at the Cruch office, attended by Juan Manuel Zolezzi, executive vice president of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities; José Palacios, president of the REUNA board of directors and Paola Arellano, executive director of the National University Network.
Rector Zolezzi declared that it was important for Cruch to establish this alliance, since a large part of its universities already had this link with REUNA. “Joining as a Council of Rectors would give us communication and presence with each of these universities and, in addition, it would allow us to venture into other areas that will become highly relevant, such as distance education. It also seems valuable to us that through REUNA we can disseminate the activities we offer to partner institutions ”.
For her part, Paola Arellano pointed out that through this agreement, REUNA fulfills its mission of promoting collaboration with institutions that share the same academic, scientific, educational or cultural objectives. “We believe that science and education are the engines of a nation's social, cultural and economic progress, and that collaboration and networking are essential to advance on this path. For the same reason, today we celebrate the integration of the Council of Rectors to REUNA ”.
Thanks to this agreement, the members of Cruch will have at their disposal the REUNA digital platform, which extends between Arica and Osorno, and the services that operate on it. Likewise, the agreement seeks to disseminate among the members of both institutions the public activities of national interest that are organized, using the REUNA digital platform.