Finnish Minister of Education visits the Council of Rectors

Together with a delegation from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Universities, Minister Krista Kiuru visited the Council of Rectors to share the progress of academic collaboration and establish priorities for the near future.

The Minister of Education of Finland, Krista Kiuru, was received by the rectors Víctor Cubillos, from the Austral University and Patricio Sanhueza, from the University of Playa Ancha, who expressed the relevance of the agreements and dialogue carried out so far between the universities del Cruch and Finnish institutions, especially in the field of initial teacher training, research in mining and forestry. Both rectors stressed that the achievements should be projected in a permanent collaboration through meetings and seminars and also in the mobility of academics and students.

Minister Kiuru, along with thanking the work carried out between the Chilean and Finnish academic communities, shared the challenges of her country's education system and the interest in holding a debate on the processes of change in higher education that have been implemented in Finland and those that will also take place in Chile.