Cruch delegation announced the Chilean doctorate offer in Peru

A group of seven universities from the Council of Rectors developed an academic mission to Peru, as part of the work plan of the postgraduate and international relations commissions.

A delegation from the Council of Rectors visited, during the month of October, a group of Peruvian universities to publicize the national offer of doctorates. In this way, it is expected that the academic collaboration links between Chilean and Peruvian universities will be strengthened, with the expectation that in the near future agreements will be established that facilitate the exchange of academics and doctoral students.
The visit had the collaboration of Pro Chile, the Agency for International Cooperation (AGCI) and especially the Ambassador of Chile in Lima, Fabio Vio Ugarte. Thus it was possible to hold meetings with the Universidad Católica de Lima, U. Nacional de Ingeniería, U. Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, U. Agraria de La Molina, U. Peruana Cayetano Heredia, and U. Científica del Sur. In the field of scientific and technological development institutions and advanced human capital formation, Pronabec (National Program for Scholarships and Educational Loans) and Concytec, (National Council for Science and Technology) were visited in order to understand the policy guidelines and look for better alternatives for collaboration with our country.
Through various exhibitions and exchanges, the great interest of Peruvian universities was expressed in cooperation with universities belonging to Cruch, whether in postgraduate training programs, exchange of academics, student mobility, publications and debates on development. of higher education systems in the region.
The implementation in Peru of a scholarship program - Pronabec - is currently designed according to international rankings; therefore, it is important to demonstrate that Chilean universities have accredited doctoral programs of excellence, and to seek a rapprochement between the Council of Rectors and the Peruvian institutions in these matters.
Among the nuclei of interest, the areas of science and technology stand out. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a dialogue in matters of training of engineers and applied sciences.