Council of Rectors analyzes the 2014 Admission Process in conjunction with Mineduc

Together with the Minister of Education, the rectors reviewed the process, including what happened so far with the Ranking of Notes. In addition, figures were provided regarding the registration of the Professional Technical modality for the Science test.

The Council of Rectors in conjunction with the Minister of Education analyzed what happened these months with respect to the Ranking of Notes, establishing that the 2014 process will not undergo modifications with respect to what was announced by Cruch.
In addition, the minister made some requests regarding future modifications that the process may undergo in the coming years. The rectors agreed to the creation of a commission that will analyze the implementation of the pure Ranking in its opportunity and methodology and indicated that they hope to have the support of the Mineduc to work on these issues. 
In the plenary meeting, held at the Federico Santa María Technical University, the visit of Gonzalo Navarrete, president of the Education Commission of the Chilean Association of Municipalities, Guillermo Scherping, representative of the College of Teachers, Diego Vela, president of the Federation of Students of the Catholic University and Moisés Paredes and Vicente Correa, from the National Coordinator of Secondary Students.
The group expressed its support for the incorporation of the Ranking of Notes into the admission process to universities, pointing out that it is a measure that contributes to the inclusion of excellent students who until now had not been able to access educational institutions. superiors that participate in the Single Admission System.
System news
The Executive Director of the Single Admission System, María Elena González, gave the number of students enrolled in the Science test who opted for the new Professional Technical modality. Of 45,984 students who registered for the Science test, 34,605 of them chose to take the professional technical module, 7,433 the Biology module, 2,164 the Physics module and 1,782 the Chemistry module.