Council of Rectors attends the assembly of the Inter-American University Organization

At this meeting, the rector of the University of Los Lagos, Óscar Garrido, was ratified as regional vice president of the Andean Countries

The Council of Rectors, with the representation of the Rector Oscar Garrido and its Executive Director, María Teresa Marshall, participated in the Annual Assembly of the OUI (Inter-American University Organization) held on October 15 in the city of Monterrey, Mexico.
The OUI is an organization based on mutual collaboration between the higher education institutions of the Americas, founded more than 30 years ago by Gilles Boulet, who originally stated: “I wish to establish, beyond and free of all borders, either this political, geographical, economic, ideological or social, an inter-American university chain in a common effort to improve and strengthen each of its links ”.
On the occasion of the Annual Assembly, the Executive Secretary of the OUI, Patricia Gudiño, presented the results obtained from the implementation of the strategic plan, especially in the areas of innovation for the development of human capital of higher education institutions, the promotion of common spaces for university development and the strengthening of internationalization, governance and visibility. Through these strategies, the IOHE is making progress in strengthening the contribution of higher education to sustainable development and to a better understanding and integration of the peoples of the Americas.
In this Assembly, the new elected authorities were ratified, among them the Regional Vice President of the Andean countries, Rector Oscar Garrido of the University of Los Lagos, who has highlighted the relevance of a “greater regional insertion, that is, an academic collaboration without Borders ”, for which it has committed to position the IOHE Andean Countries in the international arena through awareness, communication and articulation plans, designing and implementing regional cooperation strategies that significantly contribute to the joint formation of highly qualified human capital of the institutions higher education.
At the same time, Yoloxochitl Bustamante Diez, rector of the National Polytechnic University of Mexico, has assumed the presidency of the OUI. For the Council of Rectors, the role assumed by Rector Garrido represents a challenge and a commitment from the perspective of strengthening interuniversity collaboration in the Andean area.
Photo: OUI board of directors, including the rector of the University of Los Lagos, current president of OUI Andean Countries