Vice-president of Cruch criticizes artificial increase in average grades of Secondary Education

The rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi pointed out that measures like these not only constitute an ethical problem, but also a technical one, because they could harm future generations of the establishment that decides to artificially increase their grade point average.

In the framework of the seminar "For a new Technical Education for Chile", held by the presidency of the Senate, Education 2020 and the College of Teachers, the vice president of Cruch and rector of the University of Santiago, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, referred to Liceo Javiera Carrera's decision to increase the grade point average of its fourth grade generation with a view to improving their Ranking score.

The rector pointed out that “in education we are about to point towards the truth and the common good. There is an ethical problem in proposing a solution of these characteristics, in addition to a technical problem. This, because it can produce a marginal benefit for this year, but the great losers will be the students of future generations because the average and the maximum mark of that establishment will be increased, since the Ranking of Notes is calculated on the basis of the three previous generations. In the end, the grades are going to be worth nothing at that school ”.

The rector called “for calm and to consult if there are doubts. Cruch seeks excellence and inclusion with this measure, the country and the students have asked for it and we believe that we have to aim for the common good ”.

Regarding the criticisms that point out that it is a hasty decision and advised at the last minute, he assured that “two years ago the implementation of the Ranking was announced and this year's change was approved in May. There the Cruch approved a minimum of 10% in the weighting of the Ranking of Notes and now the universities published their weightings, on the date that is done every year ”.