Single Admission System: Council of Rectors announces weights and NEM scale for the 2014 process

The representatives of the Council of Rectors and the Admission System explained the changes approved this year and reinforced their commitment to the continuous improvement of the system.

The vice president of the Council of Rectors, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, accompanied by the director of the Single Admission System, María Elena González and the director of Demre, Eduardo Rodríguez, explained the changes that have been approved by Cruch for the 2014 admission process.

Among them is the agreement to establish a minimum of 10% for the weighting of the Ranking of Notes and the new scale of High School Notes, which will be calculated on the basis of two decimal places.

Today, the Demre published the weightings that each university, independently, decided for their careers. It should be remembered that every year, on this date, the institutions publish the definitive offer of careers, vacancies and weightings that they will assign to each selection instrument for access to their study programs.

 "The changes approved by the Council of Rectors are part of a process of improvement that has been discussed for several years, and respond to the interest of the Council and the universities that participate in it, to improve the selection process to give opportunities to students who show the best aptitude for pursuing higher-level studies. Given the good results in terms of inclusion of students with good performance in their schools, for this process the Cruch decided, in May, that the minimum weighting of the Ranking was 10%. With this decision, each university, taking into account its own characteristics and autonomy, established the percentage of weighting that it will request for each of its careers.

 In this regard, Rector Zolezzi reiterated the commitment that Cruch established with the improvement of the system. “The Ranking is one more effort in the line of perfecting our admission system. In this case, it is about benefiting those good students, who have the capacities to be successful in higher education, regardless of the educational establishment of origin. We have said that it is about excellence, but with equity and inclusion "

NEM scale
 Another announcement that was made in the middle of this year is the calculation of the High School Notes on the basis of two decimal places. This will help deliver a more accurate score to students as this factor is calculated on the total of the student's grades during high school.