Council of Rectors met with candidate Michelle Bachelet to discuss higher education

The Council of Rectors received a visit from the presidential candidate Michelle Bachelet, who spoke about the country's challenges in higher education and her proposals on the matter. This meeting is part of a series of dialogues that Cruch will hold with the presidential candidates.

The challenges and proposals in higher education were the topics of conversation in the meeting between the representatives of the universities of the Council of Rectors and the candidate for the presidency Michelle Bachelet.
At the meeting, the vice president of Cruch, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, spoke about the issues that concern the institutions of the Council for the next period. Among them, the need to have a differentiated institutional framework for education, science and technology, the strengthening of regional higher education and the challenges of teacher training.
Meanwhile, the presidential candidate reiterated her commitment to move towards free education, as well as the need to have public universities in the O'Higgins and Aysén regions. In addition, he pointed out that if elected, "education will be a priority", so he asked the rectors to continue debating and dialoguing about the challenges and reforms that are required.
This meeting is part of the intention of Cruch to meet with the presidential candidates in order to debate and share points of view on the country's challenges in higher education.