Vice-president of Cruch: The Ranking is a measure of equity for the vast majority of Chilean students

The Vice President of Cruch, Juan Manuel Zolezzi referred to the complaints of students of the National Institute who do not agree with the modification in the weighting in the Ranking of Notes, a measure that the universities have adopted autonomously.

The Council of Rectors received, in the framework of its extraordinary session held at the Catholic University, a delegation from the National Institute, headed by its rector Fernando Pérez and by Rodrigo Parra, a fourth year student. On the occasion, they delivered a letter in which they asked to postpone the modification of the weights of the Ranking of Notes, which have already been announced by several universities, postulating that a greater weighting of the Ranking would harm them.

Rector Zolezzi pointed out that incorporating the Ranking of Notes has been a decision based on studies, which indicate that it is a tool that contributes to equity in access and inclusion in universities of students from vulnerable sectors, as well as it works as a better predictor of future performance.

"All the universities that have decided to increase the weighting of the ranking have done so after reflecting deeply and analyzing data that indicate that it is not only a tool that contributes to inclusion but also improves the retention and graduation indicators of young people in the careers".

Rector Zolezzi recalled that the decision to modify the weightings is based autonomously in the universities. He pointed out that there is a decision by Cruch that the modifications in the Ranking will be made within a period of three years, this being the second year. Last year the weighting of the Ranking was set at a maximum 10% for all institutions but it was announced that this weighting would increase, going this year to the decision that the Ranking of Notes would have at least a 10% of weight, the NEM a minimum of 10% and the PSU a minimum of 50%.

Regarding the students of the National Institute, to date two meetings have been held with the rector of that establishment in which these concerns were raised. Rector Zolezzi reiterated the invitation to dialogue on the subject and the availability of part of the Cruch and its Admission System was shown to attend the establishment to answer all the doubts that exist about these modifications. In this regard, he pointed out that "his approach is understandable but to resolve this matter we must see the greater good, this measure will favor a majority group of students who, being good students in their schools, have never before had the opportunity to access the college".