Academic Vice-Rectors meet to discuss challenges and innovation in the higher education system

The vice-rectors of the Cruch universities, with the participation of the Rector Sergio Bravo, of the University of La Frontera, debated on curricular innovation, teacher training and equity in the system.


The group of vice-rectors of Cruch, together with the presence of the rector of the University of La Frontera, Sergio Bravo, met to discuss and learn about the experiences of change that the universities belonging to the council are developing, which were presented in various presentations.

The first, presented by the academics Andrés Bernasconi and Paula Clasing from the P. Universidad Católica, focused on the field of public policies in initial teacher training - both in Chile and in the world - together with the change strategies that promote the Cruch universities.

The second intervention was in charge of Roxana Pey and Francisco Durán from the University of Chile. They presented advances in the field of curricular and academic innovations, where the importance of advancing in public policies with a global and systemic vision was raised. It should be noted that the Council of Rectors has advanced and prepared the ground for changes, citing the SCT system as an example.

Regarding the challenges associated with equity in higher education, the group from the University of Santiago, made up of Lorena López and Paulina Pérez, presented an analysis of conceptual distinctions, from which they are compiling and analyzing both current policies like the programs promoted by the universities of the Council of Rectors.

Finally, the Director of the Admission System of the Council of Rectors, María Elena González, presented and explained to the vice-rectors the orientations, organization and work plan of the latter, highlighting the importance of maintaining a permanent dialogue in order to socialize and share the orientations of the changes that will be progressively implemented.