Cruch discusses opportunities to strengthen international collaboration within the framework of the Chile California Council

A group of researchers that maintains projects with California universities met in order to discuss the challenges and future opportunities of this link.

In order to enrich the links of academic cooperation, a group of researchers met at Cruch that has maintained solid research projects with the California public university system for many years. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss successful experiences and define strategies for the near future.

Along with recognizing the importance of the Chile California Council as an instance of collaboration networks, the researchers pointed out that at present, there is a more equal relationship with international institutions, however to deepen and expand this relationship requires decisions and resources. They added that it is necessary to recognize that not only do you learn from them, but that Chile offers a context where new questions and research challenges emerge.

In this way, the group concluded that for all those involved it is necessary to make new efforts and project existing relationships. In this task, the Council of Rectors plays a decisive role, convening other institutions and promoting a collaboration system that involves the mobility of undergraduate students and advanced human capital, the development of associated research and technological management. The attendees agreed that greater participation and joint work between various actors such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CONICYT, Fundación Chile and the Fulbright Commission will make a new stage of the Chile California plan possible.