With great success, a manual for the implementation of the Transferable Credit System was presented.

Within the framework of the SCT project carried out by the Council of Rectors, a manual was launched for the institutions that are in the process of incorporation into this system.

The vice-rector for Academic Affairs of the Usach, Fernanda Kri, was in charge of presenting the manual "Transferable Academic Credit System". Said manual is part of the project "Development of a program for the consolidation of the Implementation of the Transferable Credit System in Higher Education institutions belonging to the Council of Rectors" and is coordinated by the Usach.

At the meeting, held in the Enrique Froemel auditorium of said house of studies and headed by its rector and vice president of Cruch, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, the contents of the manual were presented and then the scope of this project was discussed, in an integrated round table by María José Lemaitre, executive director of the University Development Center and Diana Veneros, director of curricular harmonization performance agreements of the Ministry of Education.


The manual contains guidelines for the application of the SCT curricular innovation model, its inclusion in other models that the study centers are generating, suggestions for monitoring the implementation of the SCT and guidelines for student mobility, among other matters.

“All Cruch universities are committed, within their possibilities and with different degrees of progress. We hope to have in March 2014 about the 60% of the Cruch offer with transferable credits and that, during the year, the closest to 100% will be reached ", says the vice-rector of the Usach, Fernanda Kri, who adds that" precisely, Manual should be seen as a guide developed from successful experiences of curricular innovation and implementation of the system, which have been systematized to favor the development of these processes in other higher education institutions that present less progress on these issues ”.


More information about the Manual and how to acquire it here