Declaration of the Cruch before stoppages and seizures

Given the serious situation of paralysis of academic activities and in some cases of the taking of buildings through which most of our universities pass, the Council of Rectors, we consider it a duty to point out the following to the public opinion:


1. The Rectors of the CRUCH Universities have maintained since 2011 a relationship of permanent dialogue with student organizations. For this reason, we are aware that the advances that have occurred since then are still far from the goals that our university communities have set out to achieve.

2. In any case, there is no doubt that we have made progress in putting these issues on the national agenda and that thanks to that today they are part of the public debate in a decisive electoral year, giving content and density to the political process. This is a triumph of the social movement for education and of our institutions that should lead us to assume with the greatest responsibility the pending tasks in favor of an authentic defense of public education.

3. Public universities are the institutions called in the first place to preserve and promote respect for the democratic principles of civic coexistence. Without these ethical convictions, undoubtedly present in our communities, the social legitimacy of our ideals for an education at the service of the common good and which have the support of a large majority of citizens is put at risk. Consequently, the use of unilateral imposition or force as means of action to prevent the right to work and study constitute practices contrary to these fundamental civic principles. 

4. It is also evident that these actions divide our institutions, alter the training process of thousands of students and seriously damage our universities, making them more vulnerable to self-interested disqualification to which they are often exposed. Therefore, when the protest translates into strikes and takeovers that do not have the proper articulation with the respective university communities, but instead respond to diffuse interests or disputes between them, what is being done is to weaken our institutions and, consequently, to all public higher education.

5. For this reason, we call on the students, their families and the communities that make up our universities to reconstitute the spaces for dialogue and reflection that allow us to reestablish academic activities and the fullest institutional normality as soon as possible, guaranteeing a climate of freedom and participation through respectful and uplifting dialogue of the most valuable university tradition in Chile. It is up to us that in the near future public universities continue to be the benchmark for higher education in the country, capable of influencing the educational policy decisions that must be adopted.