Council of Rectors approves modification to PSU of Sciences

Continuing with the work to improve the Admission System, based on the recommendations of the Pearson report, the Council determined modifications to the University Selection Test for students of technical high schools.

The executive vice president of the Council of Rectors reminded the young people who will take the PSU this year, their families and their teachers that the PSU for which they have been prepared will not undergo any changes for them, apart from the creation of a new elective module for professional technical students. 

The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities decided, in its plenary session held in Iquique, to create an elective module for technical professional students, which would be added to the options of Chemistry, Physics and Biology already existing in the Science test. 


With this, the Council applies a modification that will allow young people from the Technical Professional Secondary Education to take a test that will have contents that correspond exclusively to the first two years of secondary education, and that in theory should be seen by the students of all educational establishments in the country.


 “It is about realizing that these students have a different curriculum than humanistic scientists and thus taking charge of leveling the measuring instrument to their particular needs. However, as a Council we continue to state that there is a problem of inequality in the school system that all the actors have to take care of, which goes beyond the scope of the test ”. 


The rest of the test will not undergo visible modifications for the students in 2013, so they will take the same instrument for which they are preparing. However, for this year, work will continue on the modifications proposed by the Pearson report, among them, the documentation and protocolization of processes in the Demre, the inclusion of the pilot of questions within the delivery of the test and the termination of the penalty for incorrect answers. 


Regarding the Ranking of Notes, the modifications were also proposed starting from this year's test. The changes consider a schedule that would extend, in principle, until 2016. 


For this year's test and until the 2015 selection process, it was decided to use the Ranking instrument as it has been established so far, but lifting the restriction of the maximum 150 bonus points, using the average marks of the students with two decimals and adjusting the Ranking score table to the High School Grades table, which will change over the next few years. In addition, it was determined that schools with less than 30 students graduated in the last three years, who currently did not have a Ranking score, will be grouped by branch and geographical area, with which they will be able to participate in this instrument. 


It was also agreed to make the weighting of the Ranking more flexible by the universities, establishing a minimum of 10%, with which the institutions can decide the percentage independently. 


For 2016, it was approved to use a “Pure Ranking” to replace the current bonus system. For this, the proposal prepared by the commission that reviewed the subject incorporates the idea of calculating this ranking on groups of similar schools to reduce the margin of error and so that excessive competition is not generated among students from the same establishment. As a transition towards this process, the pure ranking will be calculated in 2014 for study purposes and in 2015 the students will be informed about its implications for socializing this change with time among those who will participate in the 2016 admission process.



PSU surrender schedule 
For the 2013-2014 process, the dates are as follows:

Sunday, December 1: Recognition of rooms

Monday, December 2: PSU Language and Communication and Science

Tuesday, December 3: PSU Mathematics and History and Social Sciences

Thursday, December 26: Publication of results and verification of scores

Thursday 26 to Sunday 29: Applications

Tuesday, January 7: Publication of results

Wednesday, January 8: Verification of the selection

Wednesday, January 8 to Friday, January 17: Registration