Public statement

About the attacks suffered by the rector of the University of Tarapacá: 

 Faced with the aggression suffered on May 22 by the rector and directors of the University of Tarapacá, by a group of students from the campus, the Council of Rectors expresses its total rejection of any form of violence within our institutions. 

We have witnessed the intolerance of some student groups who have failed to appreciate the path of dialogue that as rectors we propose to solve the conflicts that are generated in our houses of study. Although they are minority groups within the university community, the damage they cause to democratic coexistence is unacceptable. 
As principals, we can understand student demands and have even publicly supported them at many times. Our defense against the possible loss of benefits, in which we declare that none of the students will be left without help if they need it or our efforts in favor of equity in the admission to our institutions are samples of the concern that we have expressed for our students . 
For this reason, we are surprised and unacceptable that acts are committed in the name of these demands that only contribute to fostering a climate of violence within our communities. 
We categorically reject violence in all its forms and we express our solidarity with the rector Emilio Rodríguez, the directors Ingrid Fernández and Alvaro Palma, the university community and their families. These actions should not be part of a university institution, since it is conceived as a place where dialogue and democracy are promoted. These behaviors not only constitute a very serious offense towards university values but also towards the democratic coexistence of our country.