Delegation of universities headed by the Bavarian Minister of Science meets with the Council of Rectors

During the visit, the rectors of the Bavarian universities expressed their interest in generating cooperation ties and invited their Chilean counterparts to visit their institutions.

The group, made up of nine universities belonging to the federated state of Bavaria and headed by the Minister of Science, Research and Art, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, met with members of the Council of Rectors, including the rectors Víctor Pérez of the University of Chile, Ignacio Sánchez from the Catholic University and José Rodríguez, from the Federico Santa María Technical University. The vice-rector of the University of Los Lagos, Francisco Gangas and the pro-rector of the University of Playa Ancha, Carmen Ibáñez also participated. 


This visit reflected the interest that Bavarian universities have in generating cooperation ties with Chilean institutions. At the meeting, a delegation of Chilean rectors was invited to visit Bavaria soon, with the aim of continuing to explore alternative approaches. 


Bavaria is among the most important states in Germany in scientific and also economic terms, since a significant part of the industry is located there. This allows building bridges between industry and university research, so that Chile could learn about these initiatives to link universities and companies. For Bavaria, meanwhile, Chile represents a commercial platform for the region, which is why it even opened a commercial office in Santiago. 


Of the visiting rectors, seven run universities of applied sciences and two, research institutions.
These institutions have various areas of specialization, ranging from food technology to business, the most important being the areas of medical sciences and engineering.