Ministry of Education publishes figures of the socioeconomic reevaluation process after meeting with Vice President of Cruch

It was also reported the opening of an appeal process that will end on May 30

The Vice President of the Council of Rectors, Juan Manuel Zolezzi, attended the offices of the Ministry of Education to know the figures of the process of socioeconomic reevaluation of students from Cruch universities. In the appointment, it was reported that 137,751 students renewed their scholarship or credit, while 715 go from scholarship to fund, 412 lose benefits and 3,770 are students of higher courses who obtain any of these benefits for the first time. Meanwhile, 1,975 students are in the process of reviewing their background.

“We have come to this meeting with the Minister of Education because we are concerned about our students. We want them to have the certainty that no student who requires financial support will be left unprotected, ”rector Zolezzi pointed out.

The Mineduc reported that students who have not yet delivered their information should send it to their universities as soon as possible, while for those who need to appeal their result, they should go directly to the Ministry of Education.