Council of Rectors meets with the President of CONICYT

At the meeting, the Cruch raised the need to review the bases of the national scholarship competitions and asked Conicyt to make a second call for this year. 

The Council of Rectors met with the President of CONICYT with the purpose of expressing its concern about the situation of the doctoral and master's scholarship programs, both for Chilean and foreign students. 

On that occasion, Rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi and Rector Víctor Pérez expressed to the President of CONICYT, their concern about the conditions and requirements for granting National Postgraduate Scholarships. Specifically, they proposed to work together on the following topics:

– 1. Establish the role of the CONICYT Postgraduate Scholarship Selection Advisory Council

– 2. Review together with the Universities of CRUCH the Decree and the Bases of the 2013 CONICYT SCHOLARSHIP contests.

– 3. Open a second contest 2013, considering the high number of students who were out of bases, both in the doctoral and master's programs.

– 4. Reconsider the role of Postgraduate programs in the evaluation processes and agree on the criteria of the applicants' evaluation processes. 

– 5. Establish the same rights for Chilean PhD scholars and non-resident foreigners in the competition bases. 

– 6. Consider in the amount of scholarships the specific situation of the various regions of the country, due to the cost of living in extreme areas, together with analyzing the importance of its own regional scholarships, as a concrete way to promote the training of researchers throughout the country . 

In response to these proposals, José Miguel Aguilera, President of CONICYT, indicated to the attendees that in order to remedy the difficulties manifested in relation to scholarships for foreigners without residence in Chile, CONICYT and the International Cooperation Agency (AGCI) have initiated conversations to that it take charge during this year 2013 of the scholarships for foreigners without residence in the country, which would allow to overcome the requirement of guarantees and maximum limit of absence from Chilean territory. 

In parallel, he informed that modifications will be requested to improve these requirements to Supreme Decree No. 325/11 of the Ministry of Education, which will regulate the granting of National Graduate Scholarships in the next call.  


Regarding the role of the Advisory Council of the Scholarship Program, it undertook to strengthen the participation of its members in the processes related to the implementation of the various advanced human capital training competitions of CONICYT. At the same time, he was open to reviewing the possibilities of a second contest this year. 

CONICYT and the Council of Rectors thanked this dialogue, leaving the doors open to meet in the future and continue working together.

Images Courtesy Conicyt