Council of Rectors constitutes commissions to propose improvements to PSU and Ranking

These are two committees that will establish the schedule for improvements to the PSU and the Ranking, which will be evaluated by the rectors in their next session. Added to this is a working group that will prepare a proposal to introduce changes to the Indirect Fiscal Contribution. 

The Council of Rectors constituted two commissions to examine and propose a schedule of improvements in the admission instruments to the universities, PSU and Ranking. The proposals will be evaluated by the full Cruch this next April 25. 

A third working group is added to these commissions that will prepare a change proposal for the Indirect Fiscal Contribution. 

After the committees are constituted, they have a period of three weeks to propose the short, medium and
long-term, to continue their work during the following months.

The Ranking commission is made up of the pro-rector of the Catholic University, Guillermo Marshall (Dr.), and coordinator of the working group; Francisco Javier Gil (Dr.), advisor on inclusion policies at UNESCO, UC and Usach; Eduardo Rodríguez, director of Demre; and Mariana González (Dra.), Head of Studies at Demre.  

Also attended by professionals Jorge Hernández, Head of the Studies and Research Unit, Demre; Uwe Kramp, member of the Demre Study and Research Unit; Claudio Vargas, Head of the Demre History Commission. 

Meanwhile, the commission that will analyze changes to the University Selection Test will be made up of the academic from the University of Tarapacá María Elena González (Dra.), Who will coordinate the group; the rector of the Usach and vice president of the Cruch Juan Manuel Zolezzi (Dr.), Jorge Manzi (Dr.) member of the Technical Advisory Committee and director of Mide UC; Patricio Aceituno (Dr.), vice-rector for Academic Affairs of the University of Chile; Mariana González del Cruch and Eduardo Rodríguez, from Demre. 

As for the members of the Mineduc, they are yet to be defined. This first meeting was attended by Juan José Ugarte, Head of the Division of Higher Education of the Mineduc and by Demre Jorge Hernández, Uwe Kramp and Claudio Vargas.    

The Ranking commission will have among its first measures, to carry out simulations to evaluate how to deepen the impact of this instrument in the admission process. Both commissions defined their meeting calendar for the next fifteen days. 

These two working groups will be joined by a commission to analyze the proposal for changes to the Indirect Fiscal Contribution system, which will be made up of the rectors Sergio Bravo, from the Universidad de La Frontera and Héctor Gaete from the Universidad del Bio Bio, the pro-rector Guillermo Marshall, from the Catholic University, plus a representative from the University of Chile and another from Usach.