International Relations Committee met at Austral University

The first workshop 2013 of the International Relations Commission was held at the Austral University of Valdivia, chaired by the Rector Victor Cubillos (U. Austral) and with the participation of the Rector José Rodriguez (U. Técnica Federico Santa María), in addition to representatives of the Directorates of International Relations of the majority of the universities of the Council of Rectors.

The first 2013 meeting of the International Relations Commission of the Council of Rectors had the objective of projecting the internationalization actions of the universities of the Council. For this, the study prepared by the Executive Directorate of Cruch on "Institutional Conditions of the International Relations Directorates of Cruch Universities" was analyzed, defining an action plan 2013 - 2014 and collecting the contributions of innovative programs in the international arena such as IASTE (Germany) Chile France Performance Agreement, OUI (Organization of Inter-American Universities) Proposals for Chile and Latin America.

The rector of the Austral University, Víctor Cubillos, highlighted the challenge of formulating a set of strategic approaches to strengthen the internationalization of higher education at all levels and spheres and the importance of advancing jointly and in a participatory manner in this task. He pointed out that the objective of these meetings is “to define proposals for our great project this year: the internationalization of the Cruch institutions. To achieve this, an intense internal work of our committee is necessary and to know the possibilities we have ”.

On the other hand, the Executive Director of CRUCH, María Teresa Marshall pointed out the work commitments of this year, highlighting among them the meeting agenda, the creation of an information letter, the recovery and socialization of good institutional practices of internationalization, the meeting with foreign universities, the strengthening of ties with Latin America and the organization of an international seminar at the beginning of 2014. In this regard, the Rector José Rodríguez highlighted the importance of sharing spaces for dialogue in which it is possible to analyze successful experiences and promote exchange and peer learning. 

As concrete results of the meeting and with the idea of monitoring and supporting these activities, a working group was formed made up of Pía Lombardo from the University of Chile, Alejandro Rodriguez from the University of Valparaíso and Mauricio Lolas from the University of Talca.

The commission scheduled a next meeting in the city of Talca, in which it is expected to address in depth the student mobility programs and the advances of the Transferable Credit System to facilitate these strategies. In addition, it was agreed to hold a meeting with the OUI authorities, a network of which the Cruch is an active part, being chaired in Chile by the Rector Víctor Cubillos.


 Photo: Héctor Andrade