Council of Rectors receives the board of directors of the Confech

With the aim of maintaining the dialogue between both instances, the Executive Committee of the Council of Rectors received the leaders of the Confederation of Students of Chile (Confech). At the meeting, rectors and students commented on issues such as concern for the students of the Universidad del Mar and their families.

The Executive Committee of the Council of Rectors, headed by its vice president, rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi received the student leaders of Confech, Diego Vela, president of the Federation of the Catholic University, Andrés Fielbaum of the University of Chile and Mario Domínguez of the University of Valparaíso.


Also present on the part of the rectors were Ignacio Sánchez, from the Catholic University, Aldo Valle from the University of Valparaíso, Héctor Gaete, from the University of Bío-Bío and Emilio Rodríguez from the University of Tarapacá.

At the meeting, both parties discussed the issues that will mark the higher education agenda this year, with special emphasis on concern for the future of Universidad del Mar students and their families. The dialogue took place at a time when justice decreed the bankruptcy of this campus and the subsequent arrival of a trustee who will seize their assets. 


"This meeting has been enriching in the sense of listening to the concerns of students on the underlying issues of higher education," said the rector Zolezzi, recalling that since mid-2011 there is a document that collects the points of convergence between students and rectors. "We want to make an act to sign it, because there is the essence of what we aspire as public education." 


Regarding the conflict at the Universidad del Mar, he assured that "it is a permanent concern, we see that every day instead of being resolved and alleviating a little the burden for the families becomes more complex, now even more with the issue of the trustee" . The rector also pointed out that there is concern in the Council of Rectors because "the solutions proposed so far for the relocation of students have failed." 


Among the students there was also a positive assessment of the meeting. "It was a good meeting, in which we expressed our willingness to understand and find points of convergence, in addition to seeking concrete reforms in higher education," said Diego Vela, president of the Federation of Students of the Catholic University.