Statistical Yearbook 2011

The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities presents the Statistical Yearbook 2011 based on the information contained in the academic, financial and human resources records of the twenty-five universities that comprise it.

In its thirty-seventh edition, the information corresponding to each University is compiled and exposed, considering as the cut-off date December 31, 2011. The yearbook also includes aggregated information that allows comparisons to be made under various criteria and indicators, to which A series of data is added that account for the historical evolution of the universities of the Council of Rectors during the last decade.

As a general trend, it can be noted for the period 2001-2011, both at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, that there is a moderate upward trend in both enrollment and degrees. The permanent growth of enrollment in the universities of the Council of Rectors in the last decade, maintains the trend of expansion experienced since the beginning of the nineties. Which, although it has been stable, has had some periods of greater acceleration.

The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities hopes that with the edition of the Statistical Yearbook 2011, it will contribute to the dissemination of relevant information about Higher Education in Chile, through the quantification of the main indicators of academic development, as well as, through the status of its financial and personnel management indicators.

This publication represents a sustained task over time and, as such, is part of a continuous sequence of data collected over the last five decades, providing a valuable input for research purposes in the field of ANDducation Supper.


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