CNA CRUCH statement

The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities wishes to make the national community aware of the importance of permanent evaluation of the quality of the different dimensions of university work for any Higher Education System.

In this sense, our country established in 1998 a Quality Assurance System, which over the years has progressively improved its criteria and working mechanisms, which are based on Law No. 20,129, promulgated in December 2006. 

The set of the Universities of the Council of Rectors has supported this work, which is expressed in the contribution of its academics in the different instances of the accreditation and reaccreditation processes of most Chilean universities, as well as, in all the Master's and Doctorate programs that are imported into the country.

We estimate that, despite the perfectible aspects that the system still observes, which must be improved within the framework of a new legislation, which is based on the creation of a Superintendency of Higher Education, the system has operated with a satisfactory degree in the fulfillment of its mission, which is none other than to guarantee public faith in the quality of education.

By virtue of the foregoing, we wish to express our broadest support to the National Accreditation Commission, its advisors and the technical team that supports it, for the work carried out and for which it is responsible for carrying out.

We strongly reject any improper and illegal practices in which any of its directors or directors may have incurred, which should be investigated and condemned by the relevant judicial instances, but the foregoing does not invalidate the important contributions and progress that the higher education system national has experienced. 


Santiago, November 29, 2012