The CRUCH in the face of the crisis of the Universidad del Mar

1.- The Council of Rectors of Chilean universities deeply regrets the situation that the students of the Universidad del Mar and their families are experiencing. We see with concern how the dreams and hopes and assurances of the students are truncated; They not only believed in a higher education proposal, but also in the State and the system that it endorsed. However, we value today the effort to advance administratively, albeit belatedly from the Ministry to give an answer to the students and their families.   


2.- This crisis has revealed the deficiencies and timeliness of the inspection process that the State had to carry out. The mechanisms, procedures and policies related to the Higher Education System have not been able to protect the interests of the most vulnerable students, leaving the regulation and control that the State should guarantee in the hands of the “market”. For this same reason, the Council reiterates once again the need to create a Superintendency of Higher Education with all the powers of supervision and sanction to institutions that do not comply with the legislation. 


3.- As the Council of Rectors, we are willing to contribute to the reformulation of policies and procedures aimed at improving the system and thus ensuring families a higher education in a quality framework appropriate to personal and country interests. Along with this, the members of the Council have expressed their willingness to evaluate and analyze specific responses to students who have or could approach them, always within their regulatory possibilities and academic requirements, analyzing the situations case by case.  


4.- We also make a call to continue decisively with the judicial and administrative investigation process that allows clarifying and sanctioning those who correspond, but above all, to advance towards an educational policy that allows respect for people and the country.
Santiago, November 29, 2012