Experts analyze strategies and advances in curricular innovation, equity and inclusion in Higher Education

The meeting, organized by the University of La Serena, the Catholic University of the North and the Council of Rectors, CRUCH, brought together national and foreign speakers, such as Dr. James Wilkinson and Dr. George Kuh, from Harvard and Indiana universities. , respectively.

The Committee of Academic Vice-Rectors together with the University of La Serena and the Universidad Católica del Norte developed the “Second Curricular Innovation Seminar; Equity, Inclusion and Innovation: Opportunity and Success for all ”. The Seminar was inaugurated with the participation of the Rector of the University of La Serena, Professor Nibaldo Avilés, the Rector of the Universidad de la Frontera, Professor Sergio Bravo, who chairs the Teaching Commission of the Council of Rectors, and the Academic Vice-Rector of the Universidad Católica del Norte, Professor Fernando Vial. 

This Seminar took place in Coquimbo and La Serena between November 22 and 23, 2012.

The main topics and debates addressed were the structural, social and educational inequalities that run through both the school and university systems (Professors Dante Contreras and Carmen Sotomayor, University of Chile), the inclusion strategies implemented by the UNESCO - PROPEDEUTICO program (Professor Fernanda Kri, Academic Vice Chancellor USACH), Competences and Mobility in Higher Education (Professor Gustavo Hawes, University of Chile), and academic innovations to promote inclusion and success in higher education (James Wilkinson, Harvard University and George Kuh, Indiana University, from United States).

Along with these presentations, the participants participated in workshops with international panelists, in order to deepen their experiences and strategies for inclusion and academic success. At the end of the Seminar, every day there were interesting exhibitions of pedagogical innovations carried out by academics from the Universidad Católica del Norte and the Universidad de La Serena, which allowed them to share successful experiences. 

During the event, the book on Curricular Innovation was presented, recently published by the Council of Rectors, which was commented on by the Academic Vice-Rector of the University of La Serena, Professor Jorge Catalán and by the Executive Director of the Council of Rectors, Mrs. Maria Teresa Marshall. From this launch, the participants agreed to make a similar publication based on the results of this Second Seminar. 

The exhibitions of the Seminar will be soon available at