Vice-Rectors for Research at CRUCH

For a broad debate on Science and Technology policies for Chile

At the University of Bío-Bío, the Vice-Rectors of Research of the CRUCH Universities met, together with the Rector Alberto Loyola who chairs the Committee of Sciences and Technologies, in order to analyze the situation of Science, Technology and Innovation in the country, its expression in the 2013 Budget Law and the main challenge of designing a policy in this matter for Chile.

This dialogue expressed the CRUCH's disagreement regarding the possible transfer of CONICYT to the Ministry of Economy and the need to seriously and openly debate the situation of the institutionality in Science and Technology.

Dr. Juan Larraín, Vice-Rector of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and president of the Commission of Vice-Rectors for Research, appealed to a broad debate aimed at the design of policies, stating that in the country “there is a lack of conviction that science and technology they are fundamental for the human and economic development of the nation ”.